Why Should Enrolex Be Your Recommended AE Provider?
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Why Enrolex?

Why should IFAs choose Enrolex?

The Product: 

Auto enrolment in the UK has now moved into the SME phase, where thousands of businesses with under 30 employees are reaching their staging dates. This phase will see the majority of financial advisers become actively involved in auto enrolment by recommending a solution to their clients.

We designed Enrolex to be the full auto enrolment machine – it’s quick to implement, easy to manage and takes away the AE headache for business owners.

This results in:

  • A robust system that has been extensively tested and proven
  • The quickest solution to implement on the market – it can be achieved in just 10 minutes, and requires no decisions due to the amount of automation built in
  • A solution compatible with all payroll software currently available in the UK; no additional software or upgrades needed

With Enrolex, IFAs have no work to do, and their clients have fewer decisions to make.

To find out more about just how comprehensive the Enrolex solution is, visit The AE Solution page here.

In terms of the scheme itself, Enrolex uses a master trust with a pre-set scheme profile, which makes things easy for your client, because they don’t need to make any decisions about technical pension details that they might not understand.



The Benefits: 

Enrolex brings a huge number of benefits to IFAs and their clients alike.

Here’s some top advantages for you to consider:

Easy, quick online set up – our online setup process was specifically developed to be quick, easy and simple.

No need for additional payroll software – Enrolex works with all current software in the UK. Even if you or your clients have already purchased a new system, you can still save money by not needing to renew your licence.

All major tasks are automated – with Enrolex, your clients don’t need to assess the workforce, decide on a pension scheme or contribution basis, or handle employee communications.

Enrolex removes the majority of tasks that others need you to perform – it’s actually quicker to explain what you do need to do with Enrolex, than what you don’t! All we need you to do is continue to run your payroll – nothing else!

We take care of every step of the process – unlike other providers, we have analysed every possible step of the auto enrolment process, and can guide your clients through all of them.