How Can Enrolex Auto Enrolment Benefit IFAs?
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Benefits for IFAs

How can Enrolex benefit IFAs?

At first, auto enrolment seemed like great news for IFAs, but in reality it wasn’t commercially viable – with most AE products not offering good value to clients, many IFAs decided not to get involved, instead signposting their clients to NEST or other providers.

But, because auto enrolment is mandatory for most small businesses (the majority of which will be staging soon, if they haven’t already), it does represent an opportunity for professional advisers to enhance their relationships with their clients by recommending them a solution to the auto enrolment challenge.

That solution is Enrolex.

Our offering not only gives IFAs the chance to earn fees from auto enrolment, but it requires minimal input from them, brings the potential for IFAs to grow their professional network by working with accountants, and also gives their client more options with how to proceed.


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Enrolex has a range of benefits for IFAs, including:

Developing ongoing relationships with business owners.

Enhancing and growing your relationships with business owners is important to almost all IFAs – Enrolex is a great door opener for this, and gives IFAs the opportunity to help their clients with auto enrolment without the onerous time input required from other providers.

Building connections with accountants.

When it comes to understanding their finances and optimising their pension, business owners tend to seek advice from both their IFAs and their accountant. This gives the IFA an opportunity to develop close working relationships with accountants and so increase the chance of further referrals.

Introducing Enrolex to your clients brings a whole host of benefits for you, and them, including the chance to generate income from auto enrolment without needing to invest time and resources in the organisation and setup of the scheme.

It also protects you in that it prevents your current business owner clients from going to other auto enrolment suppliers, who may eventually have a negative impact on your relationship with your client.

Enrolex is a win-win proposition for IFAs – it’s that simple!