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What is Enrolex?

The Enrolex AE Solution

Taking your clients through the whole process

An Outsource Solution

The first stage of the Auto Enrolment challenge for IFAs is deciding whether to help their clients with it, and if so, who to recommend. We firmly believe in the benefits of an outsourced solution – we’ve used our years of experience in occupational pensions to become experts in Auto Enrolment, so that you don’t have to.

You wouldn’t recommend your clients implement their own investment without your help – so they shouldn’t try to cope with auto enrolment without calling in the experts.

So why should you choose Enrolex as your recommended AE providers?

  • By recommending an auto enrolment service for your clients, you’re able to give better service to them and open doors in terms of accountancy firms – and prevent losing any clients that might take all of their business elsewhere if you don’t support them
  • We proactively contact your clients, deal with all of the communication and conduct an analysis of their business to find out what solution they need, whether it’s a scheme, a pending scheme, an exemption or no duties at all
  • We offer a complete end-to-end service for your clients, meaning we take auto enrolment off your plate and you can focus on running the other side of your business
  • Our vast workplace pension expertise means we can get things done quickly, minimising errors and providing great service for you and your clients


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Business Owners Love Us

The people most worried about workplace pensions are employers and business owners. They’re the ones who are out of pocket, who don’t understand all the pension jargon that they need to, and are hoping their financial adviser will know what to do.

Fortunately, we know how to work with business owners to put them at ease, implement a great workplace pension for their team and let them get on with growing their business.

Why our solution is great for employers:

  • We conduct a full pre-staging business assessment, in plenty of time ahead of their staging date. This tells us, you and them what categories their employees fall into and what they need to do next – simple
  • Then, we recommend whether they need to set up a scheme, have a pending scheme, no duties, or whether they’re exempt from the process
  • Our helpline is available for them to call any time – and our friendly and helpful team can talk them through any questions
  • Because we take care of all the admin they need to set up auto enrolment, we save them a huge amount of time and resources


We Give Great Results to Employees

It’s vital that your clients’ employees feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their pension is in good hands – after all, it is their retirement fund that we’re dealing with.

At Enrolex, we go the extra mile to give employees a quality pension, as well as great customer service.

Here’s how we give piece of mind to employees:

  • We take care of all direct communications with employees. This not only saves time for employers (because it’s one less job for them to do), but it means that employees receive prepared materials, when they need them, that explain everything about their workplace pension in a clear way
  • Our helpline is also available for employees, so then can talk to an adviser whenever they have a query
  • The actual pension we offer is an unbundled master trust, which is important for employees because if the fund doesn’t perform, the trustees and administrators are independent and can change the investment
  • The pension allows free transfers in from any pensions the employee may already have, which reduces administration charges and free transfers out if they change job roles
  • The scheme comes with great value low charges for any transfers, saving employees money
  • The money that employees pay in each month is invested by Scottish Widows, a household name that they can trust to keep their money safe




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Our Support for Payroll Teams is Unrivalled

Often, payroll teams are the ones who actually have to set up a client’s workplace pension and process their reports and contributions – and yet, most other providers don’t give them any support.

We’ve recognised that in order to implement auto enrolment seamlessly, payroll teams needs more guidance and more help from pension experts like us.

That’s why, amongst other benefits, we provide a fully assisted pension setup service to payroll teams, to help make their job easier and save time for everyone involved.

Here’s what we do to support payroll teams:

  • Because our system doesn’t use middleware, and is a complete end to end solution, it reduces the amount of work for payroll teams by up to 70%, saving time and money
  • Our solution works with all existing payroll software, so there’s no need to fork out for, or learn how to use, additional auto enrolment modules
  • We offer a telephone helpline service to payroll teams too, so that if they get stuck at any point of the process, they can speak to us and find a solution quickly and easily
  • Our system includes an online portal for payroll teams to use, which requires only one log in for all your clients. This not only saves time and confusion, but having all your clients on one system, all using the same format, makes uploading their payroll reports so much easier
  • The first time one of your clients stages, we go through 3 simple steps with payroll teams to ensure they know how to process the new workplace pension.

First, we go through setting up the pension on their payroll software (because the software provider will not give this service); then we help them create and export a compatible CSV file for use now and in the future; lastly we help them upload the first report to the pension provider, and test it to ensure it’s gone through properly.

We’re the only auto enrolment provider on the market to offer this kind of fully assisted service.