The Auto Enrolment Problem, & How Enrolex Can Help
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Welcome to Enrolex – the complete Auto Enrolment machine

The Problem:

Auto Enrolment is a complex challenge, with more components to consider than most people realise – and a lot of solutions out there don’t account for this. That means that, as your clients start to stage, big problems could arise, for you and them.

Too many auto enrolment solutions on the market are only taking care of one cog in the machine. This means business owners are being left with a workplace pension that doesn’t deliver what they thought, and leads to disappointment in what they have been advised to do, and errors being made creating potential fines.

If you haven’t decided on an auto enrolment solution to recommend to your smaller clients yet, you will want a solution that you feel safe to recommend but which reduces your input considerably. You cannot offer an employee surgery to every small business, it’s just not cost effective.

Many business owners will turn to their financial advisers for support with auto enrolment – but who can the advisers turn to for an economical solution that covers every aspect of workplace pensions for clients and their employees?




The Solution:

Enrolex is different to any other auto enrolment provider on the market, because we take care of every single part of the process – we look after all the cogs in the machine.

Our solution benefits everyone involved in implementing auto enrolment – from employers and their staff, to financial intermediaries and payroll teams.

We take care of every stage of implementing auto enrolment, from conducting a staging date analysis of your clients, to contacting them and signing them up to the scheme, to employee assessment and communications to talking payroll teams through setting up the pension – and the pension we use is an unbundled master trust, which as you know, is much safer for employees than other trust structures.

Choosing us as the auto enrolment provider to recommend to your clients saves you and them time, money and resources – and gives you and your clients security and peace of mind, because we have everything covered.


How It Benefits IFAs

It’s likely that your financial clients who are about to stage will soon be turning to you for advice, and having a quick, easy and great value solution to recommend to them not only puts their mind at ease, but enhances your relationship with your client because you’ve helped them during what can be a pressured and confusing time.

The best part? Our solution doesn’t require any input from you at all. All you need to do is let your clients know about us and how effective our solution is for them, and we’ll take it from there.