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How does Enrolex work?

How does Enrolex work for Accountants?

Our process for implementing auto enrolment into your practice can be broken down into 7 easy steps!

Stage 1: Client Communication

Once you’ve decided to work with us as your workplace pension provider, all we need from you is an introduction to your clients, and we can take it from there. We then work proactively to contact your clients and inform them of their responsibilities and options. This helps manage the flow of enquiries and minimises any disruption to your practice.

We analyse the staging dates of all your clients, tell them what they need to do (and when to do it!), and even organise online presentations for clients well before their staging dates to ensure they’re in the know.

Taking payment up front by credit card means no delay in income for your practice, and our comprehensive support service ensures clients meet all legislation and avoid any potential fines for late set up.


Stage 2: Sign Up

After we’ve initially reached out to the client, getting them signed up to our system couldn’t be easier. Signing up can be done at any time in advance of the client’s staging date to reduce the risk of fines and last minute bottlenecks. We can do this entirely via telephone or online, and we even offer spread payments on direct debit.



Stage 3: Pre-Staging

Eight weeks before their staging date, the client will receive an email notification prompting them to take the next step in the process, which is submitting their direct debit details online. Again, our team of advisers is able to guide them through this in a live online meeting, though the client can usually complete most of this themselves to get it done even more quickly.

If more than one signature is required for the direct debit form, a physical mandate will be posted to the client for them to sign.


Stage 4: Uploading Employee Data

We’re almost there! This is the final stage in the setup process. Employee details, including age, salary, hours etc. is uploaded to the Enrolex system using a report produced by the payroll system. An advantage of our solution is that it works with all UK software packages, meaning no additional bolt-ons are required.

Our Enrolex advisers can complete this with your payroll team over the phone by talking through our fully assisted setup service – or, if your client runs their own payroll in house, we’ll take care of setting it up with them directly.

Stage 5: Postponement

With Enrolex, our system automatically postpones the staging date for 3 months for all clients. This gives us time to ensure all the software and processes are working correctly, and to support the payroll team in getting ready to submit the new reports. The benefits of postponing the scheme are that if your clients have transient workers, or employees still on probation, the 3 month delay means that employers don’t need to invest any money that they don’t need to in the long run.


Stage 6: Staging

Once the client reaches their staging date, our system assesses their workforce to determine if they need to be included in the scheme or not. We contact employees to inform them about the scheme and their options, and then offer the employees access to their dedicated helpline. Unlike most other systems, there is nothing for the payroll team to do.


Stage 7: Contributions Begin

When the client’s contributions begin, their payroll data is required to be uploaded to the Enrolex system via a CSV file. The system then sends the pension report through to Scottish Widows, who collect the contributions via direct debit, and the client’s workplace pension is ready to go.


Setting up auto enrolment for your clients couldn’t be easier with Enrolex.