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Welcome to Enrolex – the complete Auto Enrolment machine

The Problem:

Auto Enrolment is a complex challenge, with more components to consider than most people realise – and a lot of solutions out there don’t account for this. That means that, as your clients start to stage, big problems could arise, for you and them.

Too many auto enrolment solutions on the market are only taking care of one cog in the machine, whether it’s through the use of middleware software, leaving your team to set up the new pension software and communicate with your clients and their employees, or forcing your payroll team to deal with multiple clients’ contribution reports, all in different formats.

All of this means more work and expense for accountants, and more panic on payday and when clients reach staging dates, because of a lack of service and auto enrolment systems that don’t do everything you hope they will.

If you haven’t decided on an auto enrolment solution yet, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed at the amount of providers out there, or you might not even want to think about it – but you need to, and fast.

It’s thought that around 65% of business owners will turn to their accountants for advice on auto enrolment – but who can the accountants turn to?






The Solution:

Enrolex is different to any other auto enrolment provider on the market, because we take care of every single part of the process – we look after all the cogs in the machine.

Our solution benefits everyone involved in implementing auto enrolment – from employers and their staff, to accountants and their payroll team.

We take care of every stage of implementing auto enrolment, from conducting a staging date analysis of your clients, to contacting them and getting signed up to the scheme, to talking your payroll team through setting up the pension on your system – and the investment provider we use is household name Scottish Widows, meaning your clients and their employees can feel confident in their scheme.

Choosing us as your auto enrolment provider saves you time, money and resources – and gives you and your clients security and peace of mind, because we have everything covered.