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Welcome to Enrolex – the complete Auto Enrolment machine

The Problem:

Auto Enrolment is a complex challenge, with more components to consider than most people realise – and a lot of solutions out there don’t provide a complete solution. You could be left with lots of issues, even if you have paid for an auto enrolment solution. That means that, as you reach your staging date, big problems could arise.

Too many auto enrolment solutions on the market are only taking care of one cog in the machine. This means more work and expense for you as a business owner, as well as your accountant or payroll provider, because of a lack of service and auto enrolment systems that don’t do everything you think they will.

If you haven’t decided on an auto enrolment solution yet, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed at the amount of providers out there, or you might not even want to think about it – but you need to, and fast.

We have good news – Enrolex is designed to take away the auto enrolment headache from business owners. We are the only complete solution in the market place. We do everything for you.




The Solution:

Enrolex is different to any other auto enrolment provider on the market, because we take care of every single part of the process – we look after all the cogs in the machine.

Our solution benefits everyone involved in implementing your workplace pension – including you, your employees, and your payroll provider.

We take care of every stage of implementing auto enrolment, from letting you know when your staging date is and whether you need a scheme or not, to what your responsibilities are to your employees. We handle all communications with your employees, and even help set up your payroll to work effectively without the need to buy expensive auto enrolment modules.

Choosing us as your auto enrolment provider saves you time, money and resources – and provides you and your employees with security and peace of mind, because we have everything covered.


Enrolex Executive:

Because auto enrolment legislation is primarily aimed at providing pension incomes for employees, many business owners may want a different solution for their pension compared to their employees, and as such may want to set up an additional pension scheme, where they are able to make larger contributions on an ad hoc basis but still receive Corporation Tax relief.

We have a scheme designed specifically for this – Enrolex Executive.

Enrolex Executive offers business owners the option for an additional scheme with a huge number of benefits for you and your company. Unlike a SIPP, under certain conditions, Enrolex Executive allows loan backs to limited companies from your pension fund. Imagine how useful that would be!